"The Company" (. -) hereinafter 513041608 H.P.
Access to the system registered in the real estate Brokerage license to the owner that allows an online platform constitutes the system.2
Who hold such or different, proprietary assets of their own that are commercially available, for the use of real estate assets to the reservoir
-) hereinafter referred to as the Company with the cooperation in sharing facts which the marketing assets or other execution transactions in the rights
The Internet is free in the way of publicly known assets
Register which real estate brokerage license holders will be able to use it through a common, operational interface offers the system.3
For marketing the assets on the information the assets from ownership and / or the system through and / or from the system receive to the system ,
And to distribute these, actions in respect of brokerage fees and payment owned by them located in the assets brokerage actions for the execution of bids also as And
⁇ Pages⁇ while⁇ using⁇ while⁇ convenient⁇,⁇ effective⁇ and⁇ simple⁇,⁇ in⁇ their⁇ customers⁇ to⁇ the⁇ audience⁇ further⁇ assets⁇ about⁇ the⁇ relevant⁇ information⁇ the And
Dedicated Internet
Terms of Use "(" Terms and Conditions "- hereinafter referred to in the document as specified and the terms and conditions for the subordinate is in the system of use .4
Users who use the real estate brokerage license of the owner and the company between binding legal agreement constitute the use
System "(." Users below)
Whether it is standard communication from any system, the services offered and / or provided are all applicable Terms of use.5
The rule.from exits without the system all users and on indirectly, and directly between
Agencies and / or elected real estate brokers' license holders and at the sole request, its opinion is a consideration according to may , The company.6
These are for setting up teams ("," agencies - together) hereinafter, real estate marketing or advertising properties Certain dealers
⁇ Real estate⁇⁇ properties⁇⁇ advertising⁇⁇ marketing⁇⁇ promotion⁇,⁇ can⁇ act⁇⁇ through⁇⁇ their⁇ name⁇,⁇ the⁇ subject⁇⁇ dedicated⁇⁇ website⁇
Absolute devotion, right to stand for the designated company "(" the site -) Here are the properties owned by the owners.
Absolute right also as stated, designated site to establish no or establish whether to the exclusive choice, her opinion For consideration
The use of the decision.some an explanation to give that will be required without a designation, a site for which to establish any cause causes the request to refuse And
Part of the integral use is to be established, as far as they are concerned, to be established on the dedicated site of the agencies' agencies of
Below (Chapter 4) and in particular below the use of the terms of the provisions to which it applies and as above, 5 In the said section of the system
Dedicated site including - otherwise specified if but these, use of "system" terms,
Of their meaning in real estate, brokerage operations for the execution of a valid license in the holders and only the system services are offered.7 In the system.Using a different practice or lawful prevention all you need does not apply and that in real estate, brokerage Actions
Commits brokerage, execution operation for the benefit of the system in the use of content that is in the real estate, brokerage license holder .8
The realtors in the law of these subscriptions, including law, all by virtue of which the duty is imposed on all in accordance with the act And
Subtract and / or add this right and including it, the terms of use and the system from time to time Change the right to a company.9
Maintenance of work for the purpose of permitting between the system, activity of partial or complete break to bring and services
You will be obliged to use, subject to change including change, all exclusive.Its opinion for consideration and subject to time in all Fluency,
This claims and in general that it is a type of any claim any mediator will stand not immediately. Users
Which is a type of any damage and or resources and / or reliance investment time, of
In any system, use of the system by users and block from its lists to remove a full right will stand for the company.10
Notice in advance of granting a need and without the sole, her opinion is a consideration according to time,
Reputation Ownership and / or the Reputable Company In no way harm you do not undertake to the registration system at 11.11 And
These are the reputation of protecting your ability to the best of your ability and making assets,
Convenience for the sake of masculinity in the language and worded alike, and women for men are designated below use conditions.12 And
You agree that you use the Terms and Conditions and that you understand that you agree to the Registry at .13
In the system presented for information in relation to the company liability b.
Virtual video tours, video clips, illustrations, including in it, the exhibits and data system information, Services.14
And without "AS" IS for them and offered only, the system users and convenience for the benefit provided in those, And so on in assets
On their behalf, any operator causes and / or in which the shares are owned and / or the company on behalf of any liability And
Updated.and not partially incorrect, be and may from time to time, change may be said and data information .15
And to the company the assets owned by approved and / or to the system are entered in the property system about
And data and information.16
⁇ Data⁇⁇ information⁇ for⁇ any⁇ correctness⁇ in⁇ any⁇ responsibility⁇ bearing⁇ is⁇ not⁇ the⁇ company⁇ correct⁇
Any damage in respect of any liability and / or liability shall be borne and not in them, fall which may lead to errors and / or Or in the display system
Adjustment may as a result of damages be caused for as well as on them, any factor of reliance as a result to be caused
Publication in tables originating from the system, entered from the assets part regarding and the data that the information is possible above, the aforesaid notwithstanding
Extensive information to other accessible audiences Advertising in sources and / or Internet network across the various advertisers to perform These responsibilities are and data in the fall that may cause errors and / or damages due to any liability and / or Under warranty
In the system, excellent are asked as their details about the reliance related to all this and all that is said, in assets operations
Real Estate Brokerage
Their price, as in the system of the famous assets about data except: and without including, for interest and data ", "Information
Videos and / or the photos and / or simulations and more, for which the brokerage fees are charged. , Their description, availability,
The tours and / or programs and / or video displayed in the virtual assets
Also as on the website, the tours and / or video videos and / or photos and / Or the simulations.17
⁇ May⁇ thus⁇,⁇ due⁇ to⁇ only⁇ / Or the furniture
The site shows that it is as their technical specification and / or actual assets status and that data Between gaps being
In the system, the exhibits and data are information on reliance on an action or transaction making regarding any decision to make .18
The information is the data only.The system users responsibility for are this information based on actions and / or Transactions and execution
Or planning appraisals, engineering, tests to perform a modal replacement in no way constitute in the system, which appear
In real estate, a transaction and / or in real estate, brokerage of execution operations for the purpose of legal assets
You have no possibility or ability that the company knows that you are in the system provided by the services you use .19
All will sound no and on the system, the exhibits and contents given in the information, the willingness to verify or examine To control,
As stated, with inaccurate information or correct partiality, with a claim against it
⁇ On⁇ sites⁇⁇ displayed⁇⁇ information⁇⁇ that⁇ undertakes⁇ are⁇ not⁇ the⁇ company⁇ other⁇. And
On reliance as a result of actions to be taken in respect of any bearing and incomplete responsibility, or up-to-date correctness, these And
In the same browsing due to damage that may be caused to all Begin and / or those on the sites the information is displayed
Video tours, photos, programs, including content of further distribution and / or download enable May the system.21
And / or from the use as a result of which may be caused damages, the company is not responsible, etc. Internet virtual pages,
For any reason, any responsibility will be borne and not these, downloaded software
In real estate brokerage license for property owners at a cost between the legal relationship system
Users between and arranged requires a contract of engagement to perform a mode replacement in no way constitutes in the system of use.22
Licensee of a potential customer or any customer including any other, third party any and / or The assets are owned and between the system
Agreement in removing the need to replace and / or overcome and / or override in order for the system to be used and not in the real estate , Mediation
By virtue of which a permit is required between the system, users and any other party and / or the assets owned between And the binding party will not be the company between them. The parties will sign an agreement within the framework and only will be settled between them, The legal has begun
The owners and / or the properties own themselves for taking on liabilities in connection with any claim raised against them and not these To agreements
By the way, or in the system used as part of a license brokerage
Users and the assets owned between part, or all to be carried out, which is a transaction to each party will not be The company.24
Properties in the purchase of such interested parties, including any, third parties to the system users between and / or the system,
Regarding its liability or liability with in connection the whole company has argued against Tishma and not the assets, ownership of- By the proposed
In addition to its consequential damage as well as its nature, or its conditions of performance, its approval, including As stated, for the transaction
In assets and exclusivity fee brokerage
The brokerage of these fees and in general in the system, the exhibits and data, the information of and their quality are correct for the examination of responsibility.25 And
The license held by the exclusive distributor of the property in question is not that and / or available in the property in question That the proposed fact,
In any case the company is not responsible for the system.
But applies to real estate, to another brokerage
And / or in the system displayed on the system users of the reliance of any claim you will hear and not the aforesaid on Which is a form
Which is the type of system damage to users caused by this reliance that
And the existence of a vacant property of being also works as and property, property all for in the system of the proposed listed, Mediation fees.26
By and only approved and / or to the system are fed and / or determined for its distribution, exclusive agreement Of the existence of the absence or
⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇ And the company owns the assets
Argument, all the broker on the part will hear and not mind consideration according to the proposed brokerage fees charge the change also Can the property
On the page or in the offer, another detail of any change in respect of and / or the mediation of the terms of change in respect of Reliance, claim not including
The property.
To the date also as in the system, specified in their amount according to the assets, cost on behalf of the brokerage fee for the payment of the warranty .27
And to the company the assets, ownership of and only but rests in those and so on for the payment of eligibility the actual payment, the method of payment ,
Users of a side claim any against it will hear and not the brokerage, a fee with in connection with warranty and / or Any touch will not be
Brokerage fee with system contact
The famous various advertising in the tables originated in the system fed the assets from the above section, 16 in the aforesaid section. 28
This system has a wide range of assets, and other accessible public advertising in sources and / or the Internet network throughout
Regarding the information are correct the approvals of the assets owned and without them, the assets owned by involvement without And
Execution to enable the aforesaid assets at the cost of their correctness the absence or correctness regarding knowledge all the company has not accordingly, The assets with the consent to receive full action under the responsibility will be borne by these, in the assets brokered actions in execution are interested
⁇ Assets⁇⁇ ownership⁇ of⁇ their⁇ willingness⁇ to⁇ find out⁇ assets⁇⁇ willingness⁇ to⁇ verify⁇ in⁇ assets⁇,⁇ brokerage⁇ actions⁇ to⁇ perform
The company will not be liable for the assets. With any connection, an action will be taken before anything is brokered, fees for payment And
This implies all of the aforesaid, in the assets brokerage execution operations in respect of any
Brokerage of a license holder who has a duty to replace and / or overcome and / or overuse the use Provided in the aforesaid no
The law provides for the replacement and / or overcoming and / or overuse of this and general law, All by force in real estate
Realtors. Brokers to Law 9 in section as stated in real estate, brokerage of a transaction within the framework of "in writing for an order Requirement for "
Real Estate Brokerage Licensed Real Estate Brokerage c.
Dissemination information including in it, offered and services in the system in real estate brokerage license holder of operation all.30 And
And the company alone has its opinion and responsibility for doing indirect, and / or potentially direct, to customers Or to its customers
This action for liability in any bearing will not
In the system, appearing and data information on reliance while any action execution regarding any decision to make is not .31
Available in the property in question because the fact its location, description, property, to the prices refer to the data except, and without Including,
Presented in the virtual properties, the tours and / or video, videos and / or photos and / or illustrations, as well as in these , And so on
Brokerage license holder of inquiry details to make a modal change in no constitute these and data information in the system. And
⁇ Any⁇ action⁇ to⁇ perform⁇ first⁇ relevant⁇ assets⁇ to⁇ own⁇ people⁇ in⁇ real estate⁇
The information is distributed to the clients in connection with the broker who will be harmed in any way due to liability and will not be the responsibility of the company. .32
⁇ Become⁇ your⁇ customers⁇ to⁇ the⁇ audience⁇ further⁇ the⁇ information⁇ you⁇ have⁇ distributed⁇ to⁇ you⁇ are⁇ known⁇ to⁇ declare⁇ you⁇ are⁇ using⁇ your⁇ system⁇
In real estate, a transaction in the execution of an interested party and / or the customer of the full to his consent and subject to the full, at your own risk
Protection of the Law - (hereafter) 1981 - Privacy, protection of the law, including law, for all accordingly This is information for
The Realtors and the Communications Law "(" Law - "hereinafter 1982) and Broadcasts (,) Bezeq Communications Privacy Law "(,
In real estate.
As a result of which you will be liable and / or damage all in respect of the company the languages ​​you undertake are to your registration system At .33
For reasons relating to claims, including the above, as stated by you, the information from the distribution as a result of this, to whom it will be caused From damage
And the Privacy Act
In real estate brokerage license holder of his clients an audience that will make use of which is a form in any responsible will not be the company .34
To some extent, the company will not bear this responsibility, at all in the system, which is included and / or the exhibits and data. Reason for any brokerage fee is not the broker that claim to from the system in parts and / or And
Dedicated site establishment d.
Using a dedicated web page above, as defined by Sue Selected
Ready to establish, the company may be.35
While the assets, ownership owned by real estate properties and advertising marketing promotion, these agencies will be able to
Terms of use Subject to the instructions Subject to the designated use site
An agency selected for a request to grant the exclusive mother, its opinion for consideration subject to decision, full right will stand for the company .36
If it is not as stated, the application will refuse the company as much as not. If it, which will serve as a dedicated site for it To establish a certain
⁇ Its⁇ decision⁇
A site will be established for which the company's agency is selected. The wholly owned company will find that the site will be established, as far as designated. .37
During the period the entire duration of the site through actions for limited performance use license will receive as aforesaid, dedicated
About advertising information for the benefit and only but limited use of these license.Use of the terms below as stated on the site, Will work
Motoa will be the selected real estate agency.Buying and / or renting a bargain in favor of marketing the designated properties
From the system, as part of which the Internet will be set up pages within a framework that is not and in its dedicated content on a practical use site
Owned by .s that are external to the system on platforms including
Without doing so can be provided, as the whole company, by providing the same services as well as the designated, The site was set up.38
At the time of the pilot, the end period with the "pilot" (. -) hereinafter the Company by on to be decided as Period over payment
The service of receipt in respect of the consideration charges the parties will be determined exclusively, its opinion and at the discretion of the company by being determined
That the agency without the company by on my sharp sides in the manner of service will be discontinued and alternatively the company, by them Provided
Which is a type of any right will stand for the team
⁇ Company⁇ by⁇ will⁇ be⁇ provided⁇ by⁇ the⁇ Company⁇,⁇ Domain⁇ under⁇ "" ("Dedicated Domain⁇⁇ Domain⁇ Name⁇ Using The site will be established.39
The company's wholly owned company will be said to be the domain name of the team
⁇ Selected⁇⁇ agency⁇ with⁇ contact⁇⁇ creat⁇⁇ interested⁇ site⁇ surfers⁇ will⁇ be⁇ asked⁇ for⁇ the⁇ dedicated⁇ site⁇ from⁇ the⁇ use⁇ as⁇ part⁇ .40
Owned by the information in the database, the site will be saved by the surfers by providing the details on the site.
The use of the condition will be determined accordingly by it and will be managed in the confidentiality of the company by keeping the information in the company's database.
Protection of law to the provisions and subject to the following, 48 in the aforesaid section designated for the site to be attached the proposed privacy and policy
"Privacy" (Protection of Law -) hereinafter 1981 - Privacy,
The agency owns and promotes advertising and / or marketing of activities as a result of the dedicated site. .41
Supply of the site, services and operation of the site Surfers with contact creation for the purpose of the team to the agency will be delivered to the team, name "In 1982 and broadcasts (,
The simulations, the video, the video videos, which include the design pages, including the dedicated one, on the spiritual site Property.42
And / or the assets you own for the Company by being prepared or photographed in the assets, the virtual and the tours The plans
Shall be the sole company of the sole proprietorship contained in the system, other component and all software agency,
On this and in general that it owns, trades a mark and / or puts the on the website incorporated the content on the embed May choose
And more. On the website integrated with the virtual properties, the tours, the simulations, the video, the video videos,
Related and information data that analyzes and / or characterizes and / or accumulates in the use of software to make may the company. 43
Or "" Cookies such as different technologies used to this and in general the dedicated, surfing site of the use to manner
Commercial, for its needs in accordance with "pixels",
In a restricted site use of the license selected for the agency will be granted the designated site operating in favor of the above, 37 in the aforesaid section .44
The use, from a license as part of these. Use of the conditions below, as stated, the site has been activated for completion until its expiration date. ,
Agree that in writing, in advance agree, the team and the company agency may in advance, to be agreed on a fixed term and period And
The Agency's Agency on behalf of Trade Mark and / or its name will be embedded in the designated site content
⁇ Designated⁇.⁇ The⁇ site⁇ will⁇ apply⁇ to⁇ the⁇ following⁇ use⁇ for⁇ conditions⁇ and⁇ chapter⁇ instructions⁇ that⁇ will⁇ be⁇ clarified⁇,⁇ remove⁇ provider For .45
It is incumbent upon all to replace and / or overcome and / or override any factor on behalf of the designated The site in use is not .46
The law provides for the replacement and / or overcoming and / or redundancy of this and in general law, all By virtue of the real estate brokerage license
The intermediaries to Law 9 in the section as aforesaid in real estate, brokering a transaction within the framework of "in writing for a demand order" Concerning
In real estate.
In order to upload not on the site, leaving their details including the site, surfers on behalf of the dedicated site that will make use of all .47
In it, will be interested that the parties as far as the contract, the site, surfers and the agency team between the contract of engagement And
All accordingly the parties between and separately independently in this will be arranged
Terms of use for the site will be attached above, as stated in the dedicated site selection agencies for set up select and company was .48
The use of the Terms and Conditions for the approval of the warranty in it
The site will be set up for the exclusive team in charge of the site.
⁇ Instructions⁇⁇ use⁇⁇ terms⁇⁇ wording⁇ with⁇ in⁇ connection⁇⁇ claim⁇ all⁇ company⁇ against⁇ channel⁇ not⁇ to⁇ air⁇,⁇ dedicated⁇ site⁇
The use of the terms of their approval, which we have given as to who will be maintained, the site was established for which the teams and agencies on it, listed
⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇⁇ Her decision, about any explanation given that will be required
Of the times in retarded tables and is not the service on the payer of the team that the agency for this and subject to the site, activity
The ceasefire activity selected for the company's agency will provide the service, Begin The payment
Thirty years after the end of the designated period of operation of the site, the site will continue as stated, an advance notice given from
Thirty "(. Plus)" current notice was given during the calendar month from the end of days
Early notice of the need for timely, at any time, for the break to bring may be the above company, the aforesaid Despite .50
As far as the designated, the site discontinued activity including by it, provided all service of the exclusive, Her opinion for consideration and subject
If the payment is determined on a conditional basis, it is not chosen that the agency as much as and / or payment without it is provided that the service
The Service
Will also stand above as its predefined notice giving within the site of its cessation activity the claiming right.51 And
Thirty "(. Plus)" current team for the agency
The agency may be selected, the agency by or the company by the designated site cessation activity With .52
Its activity, period during the site surfers who made inquiries regarding information to receive the site was established for which the team
The site is an activity that has been discontinued for a moment, however, we were interested in. About them and the properties with which the connection by their name, including
⁇ The⁇ more⁇ right⁇ to⁇ stand⁇ and⁇ not⁇ the⁇ chosen⁇,⁇ to⁇ the⁇ agency⁇ that⁇ is⁇ limited⁇ to⁇ use⁇ a⁇ license⁇ to⁇ end⁇ the⁇ import⁇ designated⁇,⁇ And
And / or the assets in the virtual programs, in the video tour, in the photos, also like the website, in the content Use and do continue
Of the Intellectual Property constitute and which are the use of the Terms as defined on the Site incorporated data or information in all
The company.
You will not hear that it is, a reason for all its activities, the stop and / or the designated site you remove Decided and the company was.53
License for the owner and / or the team of the agency that has caused damage to any relationship, the responsibility will not be borne by her and Argument, all against it
Site.Activation from a cessation as a result of another, in real estate brokerage
Our Privacy Policy e.
Privacy. Protection of law in the provisions of such corporation, except for a person, to any of the following refers to the privacy in the said policy .54
The company puts a lot of effort into it, while maintaining great importance and seeing your privacy as respectful of the company .55
Your privacy. You must protect and protect your privacy
Address, telephone, full number, name such as about you details to the company to provide will be requested to the system from the registration as part .56
Do not provide them without these halls, details for legal delivery are mandatory ⁇ Mail⁇ address⁇ after⁇.⁇ Impersonation⁇ or⁇ fake⁇ identity⁇ within⁇ you⁇,⁇ belong⁇ to⁇ non⁇
To keep your consent and the free giver you wish the express you are to the system, from the registration as part of your details delivery when .58
In the system from your use and as part can yes, as the company.by the information managed in the database by you The information provided
Type by you, and you will be distributed that we are interested in assets by you, which is used in the manner pertaining to details The company will save
Etc. In the system you performed the same activity
Law for instructions and subject to use, provided to determine in accordance with confidentiality and the company will be kept by the database management database .59
Privacy Protection
By cooperating with the facts the assets to the ownership to be provided can the company by about you to collect the information.60
In accordance with the following, the purposes for which information may be used may be the assets owned and / or the company's company. And
Properties About and Updates Information Distribution Information, Activation Services For the purpose of contacting you Law: All for instructions And
Regarding the company on behalf of and updates real estate distribution information, brokerage of execution operations in favor of marketing the proposed
⁇ Your⁇ interest⁇,⁇ to⁇ my⁇ fields⁇ in⁇ accordance⁇ with⁇ the⁇ system⁇ content⁇ of⁇ personally⁇ tailored⁇ to⁇ you⁇,⁇ to⁇ interest⁇ that⁇ may⁇ be⁇ added⁇ to⁇ services
⁇ Use⁇.⁇ In⁇ the⁇ conditions⁇ specified⁇ otherwise⁇ purpose⁇ and⁇ all⁇
Necessary and this to the extent on its behalf, service to the providers of the details you deliver the company may be above, the aforesaid .61
By or use terms by company liabilities
Filling for the name and / or the system of the installment management guarantee for the name
It shall be that the company, as far as relevant, to such parties to provide details may the company have further law
Other, of his property or to his body and / or your property or to your body causing damage to prevent the necessary information Delivering that believing basis
As far as the company, of its shares sale of in case as well as as stated information to hand over to the company instructing the court order will be received If
The transaction will constitute the information you provide
The assets of the owner and / or the company of statistical research for the purpose collected anonymously in the information used and made possible.62 And
Objectives and / or system within the framework of the services provided Expansion and / or improvement of third parties, parties and /or
The aforesaid factors of their opinion are a consideration according to additional
The analysts and / or the characteristics and / or the accumulators in the use of software may make the assets of the owner and / or the company .63
Or "" Cookies such as various technologies used in this system and in general, your use of data
Subject to policy, these are used in third-party software programs.
⁇ Settings⁇⁇ the⁇⁇ change⁇ or⁇ update⁇⁇ time⁇⁇ at⁇ any⁇⁇ you⁇ can⁇ them⁇
And some allow it, in case Your device for purchasing marketing offers, or information publications Articles, updates, including assets, from ownership And / or from the company
Dialing systems and / or text messages and / or e-mail messages using these, etc. various products Or services
The number of system users in favor of the company may place the use, under the conditions regulated by the service within the framework .65
⁇ Other⁇⁇ Phone⁇⁇ Number⁇⁇ All⁇ and⁇ /⁇ Realtors⁇ and⁇ /⁇ Properties⁇⁇ Owners⁇⁇ of⁇⁇ and⁇ /⁇ Your⁇⁇ Numbers⁇ You will replace a dedicated telephone
) Customers on the part of whom calls are received will be routed to the system in the system that appears and / or the system users of
Information and / or service to receive who are interested in another user system and / or property owners and / or Intermediaries and / or third parties (
Other information and / or in the system of relevant publicity assets about
A record that the company for this, your approval of and gives you, is known to declare you in it, the use and / Or to the registry at 66
For owners and / or potential customers and the system users between the aforesaid, to the number that the calls will be routed the
The numbers you will keep in its systems as well as in the system, another user all and / or with you and / or the intermediaries And / or the assets
The need and the degree of the calls Documentation of the service, improvement there and this is the recording, from a copy also like the callers
From a list as well as specific, the property owner of the properties distributed from the list yourself remove may be time in any .67
You can contact the Assets database in general in relation to the acceptance proposals for a termination that will be brought by Clalit Diaspora's system
.Info@smartclosing.coElectric: Mail address via also to us
⁇ Submit⁇ that⁇ you⁇ choose⁇ as⁇ much⁇ and⁇ that⁇ about⁇ you⁇ information⁇ for⁇ legal⁇ delivery⁇ is⁇ mandatory⁇ all⁇ you⁇ apply⁇ not⁇ because⁇ you⁇ know⁇ to⁇ bring⁇ a⁇ rhino .68
As full as possible, your mind and your free will by virtue of this makes you, after all, in the system, of using it as part of it Information
Of the information in the database will be held which in the information review the right to you to stand after all about you, information to deliver that you choose
The information to the holder to contact you clear, which is not or parts incorrect, is about you the information that you will find as much The company.
And the Private Regulations Protection of Law by virtue of the relevance to the provisions and subject in accordance with everything to its deletion.
By virtue of it
And / or personal in the computer and from the use of the network from a structure that naturally arises from the risks involved in the Internet
⁇ With⁇ in⁇ the⁇ system⁇ And
The Internet in the network from the use resulting from the risks all the full in the form of block option does not have this company,
The information for disclosure that will lead to a non-intrusive legal system that will be made possible and in general above, as stated
You are the recipient of the system, registration and / or details you have left while authorized To the factors in which it is stored
Or direct damages, with in connection with liability in any bearing not that the company you know that and declares the aforesaid, The legal and legal guardianship of the guardian and / or their parents consent to the submission of minors by and / or about Details you provided
⁇ Started⁇⁇ privacy⁇ policy⁇⁇ responsible⁇⁇ is⁇ not⁇⁇ company⁇⁇ other⁇
⁇ Use⁇ to⁇ do⁇ will⁇ choose⁇ the⁇ system⁇ that⁇ uses⁇ any⁇ law⁇.⁇ According⁇ to⁇ their⁇ accessibility⁇ also⁇ as⁇ external⁇ ones On sites
These are the sites where privacy is subject to the policies that will be subject to the surfers being external to the sites
Intellectual Property and.
The tours e
The simulations, the video, the videos, in it, are included in the design pages including in the system, the intellectual property .72
Or the assets owned for the Company by prepared or photographed which assets, of and plans in the assets The virtual ones
In the system, another component and all the software including the company by on delivered or prepared other information as well Agency,
The company of the sole proprietorship is owned by
Etc. their location, description, availability, price, including assets, about the assets owned by Provided information.73
The assets.the ownership of the intellectual property is in those
Of storage and / or modification, duplication, publication, use, presentation, transmission, transmission, Distribution, copying, on absolute prohibition applies.74
⁇ In writing⁇.⁇ Prior consent⁇ receipt⁇ without⁇ the⁇ assets⁇ owned⁇ and / or⁇ the⁇ company⁇ of⁇ the⁇ intellectual property⁇ constituted⁇ content
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